Beginner's Guide to All Things Trove: Selling Process

Step 1: Take a few clear pictures of the clothing item you'd like to sell. You can place the piece of clothing on a hanger, against a blank wall, white cupboard, on your bed, on a mannequin or you can days show yourself wearing the clothing item/accessories. Be creative as possible as this will increase the selling potential of the garment.

Step 2:  Email us your awesome pictures at along with a short description of the item (size, brand and overall condition). Pick a reasonable price that will entice buyers. We recommend you provide a 75% discount off the price you bought it for or if it is a tagged/brand new item provide a 50% discount on the price. (Check out our Pricing Guide Blog). Please note that Trove adds an automatic service fee of R30 on the item so keep that in mind when setting your price

Step 3: Our team will then upload your item on the website and upload some of them on our social media pages for more visibility. In the meantime, while waiting for purchase you can promote your clothing items amongst your family or friends and tag Trove on your social media pages or bio to increase the selling potential of the garment or accessory

Step 4:  Once your item has been purchased, our team will notify you and you will have 5 working to deliver the item to the buyer depending on the delivery method chosen by the buyer, we encourage you to put a small note in the package either thanking the buyer for the purchase or sharing a story involving the garment/accessory.

Step 5: In this case Trove makes use of Store to Door Delivery from Aramex (R100), Store Collection from Paxi (R60 to R100) and finally a free delivery arrangement between you and the buyer if you are within the same area. Although you will initially pay for delivery, Trove will reimburse you this fee when we process your payment. Please Note: If you and the buyer have your own delivery arrangement we encourage users to meet at a public place do not give away your personal address

Step 6: Once the item reaches the buyer they will have 48 hours to ensure that it is the correct item and the quality of the item is satisfactory. Once the buyer is satisfied with the delivery we will process your payment and take our 15% commission fee and our R30 buyer protection fee

Step 7: In the event that a buyer receives an incorrect item or an item of poor quality, Trove will reimburse the buyer both the purchase price and the delivery price, and you will need to set up an arrangement with the buyer to retrieve the item.