Trove: Find Your Treasure

Hey There!

Thanks for stopping by, in this blog we will be introducing you to our Company called Trove Clothing you might have heard about us from a friend, family member or on social media.

Who are We?

Well we call ourselves Trove Clothing or Trove for short, we are a fashion e-marketplace and we give you the fun opportunity to sell, buy and donate second-hand clothing and accessories in South Africa.

The name Trove is another word for Treasure Chest, we decided to use this name as we view second-hand clothing as Treasures and we want to encourage you to find your treasure on Trove as we have a wide variety of items on Trove which includes both modern and vintage clothing item, shoes, accessories and we have recently started selling uniform.

Where do we come from?

Trove was an innovation of 6 students as part of the 2019 UCT Genesis Programme, we were tasked to create and run a business as part of our course requirements, a majority of our co-founders chose to pursue other interests and could not further commit to our business. Despite all of this Trove is still in the capable hands of our Co-Founder and Managing Director Sandiswa Poswa who is still excited to take on this journey and push our vision for Trove.

What is our Purpose?

Our primary objective as Trove is to help solve the big issue that is textile waste, I am not sure if you know this but textile waste is the second largest polluter in the world, as it contributes to air, water and solid waste pollution, still not convinced? Let’s help you with some fun facts:

  • The environmental impact from 1 household annual clothing consumption is equivalent to you filling 1000 bathtubs with water or the carbon emissions from 6 km car journey
  • It takes up to 40 years for clothes to decompose
  • 82 billion pounds of new clothes are produced each year
  • It takes 2700 litres of water to make 1 cotton T-shirt
  • The water needed to make a pair of jeans is equal to hosing down your lawn for 9 hours straight.

I am sure we have now got your attention, now you and I cannot the solve the entire issue that is textile waste however we can at least contribute in the small things that we do and you can help Trove create a community of sustainable shoppers in South Africa.

How Does it Work

Were glad you asked, you can start by selling, shopping and donating clothing items and accessories on Trove. We have an extensive guide on our shopping, selling and donating process but to give you a brief summary:

Shopping: You can find a wide variety of women, men and children’s clothing on our platform, once you find an item, you can checkout, chose your delivery method and all funds will be kept with Trove until you receive your item and its in a great condition.

Selling: Once you find an item to sell in your closet, you can take pictures of the item, send Trove the pictures with the description and we will upload these items within hours on our website, then sit back, relax and wait for the cha ching to come through.

Donating: Because not all items in your closet are treasures we encourage to donate any clothing items that you don’t want to sell. Next time when you are decluttering your closet why not make a donations pile and send them to a charity on the website near you

Sounds simple? Because it is we believe that the purchase and consumption of second-hand clothing should be easy, convenient and accessible. Now all that’s left to do is find all those treasures to sell in your closet or simply find new treasures on the website!