Pass on your treasures in 4 easy steps!

1.  Take a few clear pictures of the clothing item you'd like to sell. Place the piece of clothing on a hanger against  a blank wall (white preferably) or a white cupboard. This will increase the selling potential of the garment. 

2.   Email us your awesome pictures at  TROVEPRODUCTS@GMAIL.COM   along with a short description of the item (size, brand and overall condition). Pick a reasonable price that will entice buyers. We recommend you provide a 75% discount off the price you bought it for. The price is also dependent on the condition of the item.   Our team will then upload your item on the website within hours!

3.   Once purchased, drop off your clothing at our drop off point at the University of Cape Town or have it collected by us for a small fee. If you are outside of Cape Town, simply ship it to us!

4.  Once payment is received from the buyer, your funds will be transferred. 

                                                                          That's it!

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