Dear Trove Family

On the 23rd of March, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a nationwide lockdown in South Africa that will take place over the next 21 days. The lockdown was put in place as a measure to combat the rising infection rate from a virus known as Covid-19. At that time not, a lot of information was known about the virus except the fact that the virus can easily spread from one person to another.

Almost 4 months later, with quite a large number of infection rates and death rates around the world, the world could have never predicted the negative impact the virus would have not only on our health but on the world economy and the financial wellbeing of individuals and businesses alike. Although this period has had a mostly negative impact it has however given the world a time to reflect on matters that are actually important to us that we have given little energy, time or sense of importance in the past such as family, personal development or the little things we take for granted such as interacting with your friends

This time of reflection has also been paramount for us as a business as it has given us the opportunity to examine our operations, brand and our vision. In the midst of our reflection there was one constant that always came to mind and that was you, our client. To us you are more than just a number, follower or user on our website and social media pages, you are family and because you are family we have realised that you deserve better quality and service from our side.

That is why we have decided to restructure the business which will involve the process of adding a new team, platform, brand and vision to the company in order to strengthen our trust, accountability and communication with you as our client but to also facilitate an exciting new way to buy, sell and donate all your pre-loved items. This means that the services on our website will be temporarily disabled to focus on the relaunch of our brand. We apologise for any inconvenience incurred during this process.

I would like to end of my letter to you by sending my condolences to you if you have lost a family member, friend or colleague. There will be a time where we will overcome this period, but until then remember to wear a mask, sanitise and observe all social distancing protocols, tough times don’t last only tough people do.

Sandy Poswa,

Founder and Managing Director